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December 2021

What's Up in the Corner?

Carol's December 2021 Update

To our Math Around the Corner families, thank you for such a wonderful semester. I have loved working with and getting to know you and your students. Most importantly, I have had the pleasure of watching your students grow in their knowledge and confidence. As we approach the end of 2021, I would like to take a moment to share a few highlights from this year.

I have added two new people to the MAC team. Holli Staack graduated with a degree in math and an education endorsement. She taught for a couple of years and then transitioned to tutoring at MAC. Now, Holli helps with scheduling and other MAC tasks. She is such an asset to MAC. I hope you have enjoyed working with her. Our second addition is Ingrid Bruss. She tutored at MAC for three years while she was in school at TCU. After graduation, she has continued to help at MAC. Ingrid’s focus is projects and social media, and on busy days, she assists Holli and me with scheduling. Ingrid is launching a number of social media features, so stay tuned and be sure to follow MAC on Instagram and Facebook.

MAC’s Structure of Intellect (SOI) program has taken off this year. SOI identifies students’ strengths and weaknesses and helps students implement the best learning strategies for them. Susan Vest, MAC’s SOI practitioner, has helped numerous students overcome learning challenges and excel in academics. I am so thrilled to watch MAC’s SOI program continue to grow. If you would like more information about SOI, contact Susan at

MAC’s test prep program is as strong as ever, thanks to Libby Gann. She helps students raise their SAT and ACT scores through individualized test prep sessions. Many students struggle with test anxiety, learning difficulties, and a lack of confidence. Libby does a fantastic job helping students overcome these challenges and raise their test scores. Higher SAT and ACT scores open the door to admission to countless universities. I am so excited to hear where our MAC seniors decide to attend college. For more information about MAC test prep, contact Libby at,

Again, thank you all for a wonderful semester. We look forward to working with you through finals week and into 2022.

-Carol Bearden, founder and owner of Math Around the Corner

How to Navigate Finals Week

Finals are coming quickly. At MAC, our goal is to set our students up for success. Studying with a MAC tutor can certainly help students perform well on their final exams, but students must continue their studies outside of tutoring to ensure success. With rigorous courses and multiple finals, using study time effectively and efficiently is vital to finishing the semester strong. Encourage your student to discuss their finals schedule with their tutor. Their MAC tutor can assist in creating a plan to thoroughly prepare for each final.
As a parent, what can you do to help your student study for finals? First and foremost, make sure your student is staying healthy. Stress and bad study habits can lead to a lack of sleep, poor nutrition, and mental strain. It is so important that students maintain their health during finals. Be sure your student is eating well, drinking plenty of water, and getting quality sleep. Many students “cram” for finals, studying for hours on end. Check in on your student as they study and encourage them to take a 15-minute break for every hour they study. While taking a break may seem counterintuitive, breaks every hour are a proven key to effective studying. Ask your student to “teach” you the material that will be covered on their finals. By talking through concepts, students will gain a deeper understanding of the material and confidence in their knowledge. Working with a MAC tutor and implementing these strategies will help your student do their very best on their finals.

Looking Ahead

December 4th: SAT

December 11th: ACT

December 13th-17th: Finals Week

December 20th: Winter Break Begins

Spring 2022 Bootcamps

Bootcamps consist of 6 sessions leading up to the SAT/ACT. Meeting dates and times will be tailored to your student's schedule.

SAT Bootcamps:

January 23rd - February 27th: Test on March 2nd

January 30th - March 6th: Test on March 12th

March 27th - May 1st: Test on May 7th

April 24th - May 29th: Test on June 4th

ACT Bootcamps:

January 2nd - February 6th: Test on February 12th

February 13th - March 27th: Test on April 2nd

May 1st -June 6th: Test on June 11th

June 5th - July 10th: Test on July 16th

SOI Testimonial

"Here is a testimony for my daughter doing Sensory Integration/Vision Therapy. She started at 0% eye tracking, so her eyes were not working together. This made balance, coordination, eye-hand coordination and focus more difficult. After being in vision therapy weekly for around a year, she is now up to over 60% tracking. She also had a difficult time holding eye contact. That, too, has greatly improved through the sensory integration work and practice. My daughter is now able to consistently catch a ball. She does a lot of work with a metronome, as rhythm/following a beat has a strong correlation to focus. After consistently working on this, she is now above grade level on her ability to keep the beat. Doing vision and integration work has also helped her to fall a lot less. She struggled with proprioception (knowing where her body is in space), driven from the visual tracking issues. When she was younger, she fell down constantly. After getting glasses with prisms and working on a variety of strength and integration exercises at therapy, she rarely falls down now. She has more control, better focus and improved emotional regulation as her confidence improves."

Test Prep Testimonial

"Math Around the Corner has helped our son tremendously! Libby Gann is amazing, positive, very thorough and extremely helpful with parental follow-up after a session... she takes a personal interest in her students and connects with them very well! Our son did an ACT prep course with her and he improved each time he tested! I cannot speak highly enough of this organization! They offer many prep courses for college, tutoring and high school. Highly recommend!!!"

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