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We love getting letters, emails and texts from the Math Around the Corner family. Here are some Math Around the Corner reviews from our clients and tutors. Want to share your story? Email Carol@MathAroundTheCorner.com and let us know how we have made a difference for you.


Carol Bearden invests her personal time in placing your child with someone who has similar interests, making tutoring exciting. She utilizes college students who can connect with your child on a level they understand. Your child’s tutor is not only a tutor; they are a mentor. Carol placed my child with Hunter for Algebra I. He went weekly because he was really struggling, barely passing. Hunter helped Ryan raise his grade three times. Ryan is now exempt from taking the final exam because of his A average. I highly recommend Math Around the Corner.
– Jennifer

My daughter recently completed the Math Around the Corner SAT Prep class. The instructors and staff were great to work with, and the course covered every aspect of the test. There was a limit to the number of students allowed in the class, so my daughter received a lot of individual attention. By the end of the class, she felt fully prepared to take the SAT. My daughter had taken the SAT test once before, but after taking this prep class, she raised her score 190 points! I would recommend this class for anyone in need of a comprehensive prep course that yields excellent results
– A.R.

I truly recommend Math Around the Corner because not only is it fun, but students will leave feeling confident about Math and do an excellent job in their classes for their future years in school! I am currently a sophomore at Tarleton State University as a Business Management major and I cannot tell you how glad I am that I have found Ms. Carol and proud to say that I aced all my college math classes

– Catherine


Carol has a passion for helping struggling students succeed, and always makes an effort to find the best fit possible between tutors and students. One of the awesome features about Math around the Corner is that we keep Teacher’s Editions of many textbooks onsite, allowing tutors to check answers as we work through homework assignments. Students constantly surprise me with their ability to pick up concepts quickly given adequate guidance. I cannot express how rewarding it is to witness that “aha” moment in the student, when the lights snap on and they just get it.

– Jaclyn

Tutoring at Math around the Corner is the perfect combination of challenging and rewarding. I so enjoyed getting to tutor all ages and subjects. I was able to form connections with all of my students and saw them succeed as a result! Carol always makes sure the student and tutor are a good match, and they spend the whole semester or year together. I would recommend Math around the Corner to students of all ages and needs.

– Sutton

I enjoy working with my students at Math Around the Corner and helping them understand the subject we are working on. I used to dislike math growing up, and I started to enjoy it when one of my teachers made it fun and enjoyable. I still love it today and want to help others succeed in learning. My favorite tutoring experience is when my students tell me that they’ve made a great grade on an exam or when they understand a concept a lot better!

– Elise