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Executive Functioning Training Program

Executive functioning is the set of essential skills for success in school and in life. The skills we use every day to accomplish tasks include planning, staying organized, paying attention, managing your time, using flexible thinking, and persevering through tough situations. Executive functioning skills are especially important for students as they prioritize tasks, focus on key concepts during lectures and tests, recall information from memory when needed, and stay organized throughout their academic journey. If you are interested in executive functioning sessions for your student in Fort Worth, TX, contact Math Around the Corner to learn more!

What Is Executive Functioning?

Math Around the Corner offers one hour executive functioning labs with trained tutors. Students CAN strengthen and improve their executive functioning skills through repeated practice and understanding of their strengths. Self awareness is an important part of the process. Students’ learning of how their brain works best over time can help them stay focused on the task at hand. Our executive functioning labs CAN help your student accomplish their goals and achieve academic success.

Executive functioning encompasses many cognitive and emotional skills that help us think, plan, organize, recall, and respond appropriately in different situations. Executive functioning involves the ability to:

  • Plan and organize tasks

  • Set long term goals and prioritize steps

  • Focus on one task without getting distracted

  • Understand cause and effect relationships

  • Monitor emotions and behaviors in order to take appropriate action

  • Problem solve through challenges

  • Control impulses

  • Retain information from short-term memory

When it comes to success in school, these skills are vital. Possessing and utilizing executive functioning skills can dramatically affect your student’s ability to complete homework, stay organized, and focus on tasks.

Child succeeding because of executive functioning skills learned at Math Around The Corner in Fort Worth, TX

What to Expect From an Executive Functioning Session

Math Around the Corner offers executive functioning sessions in Fort Worth, TX. All sessions are tailored to your student's individual needs. During an executive functioning session, students are assessed on their attention span, focus, goal-setting skills, working memory, language processing capabilities, task organization abilities, and ability to control impulses. Our tutors then work with the student to develop strategies and techniques to improve their executive functioning skills.

Strategies used in our executive functioning program include:

  • Personal assessments to help determine students’ strengths, weaknesses, and self awareness

  • Activities that focus on organizational skills and long term project planning

  • Auditory processing activities that promote the importance of following multi-step directions

  • Strong problem solving and flexible thinking strategies

  • Strategies that help students balance and prioritize school, home, and social commitments

  • Working memory activities to improve figural, symbolic and semantic memory

Our executive functioning sessions are a great way for students to learn about their strengths and how to enhance them. Students will also learn about areas of improvement and gain skills to work around challenges.

Start Executive Functioning with Math Around the Corner

Math Around the Corner aims to understand your student’s strengths and areas of improvement. Our tutors can help your student develop the necessary skills for managing tasks, problem solving, and taking control of their academic success.

Math Around the Corner's executive functioning sessions in Fort Worth, TX, will provide your student with personalized attention to help them succeed in the classroom.

Enroll in Executive Functioning at MAC!
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