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Enroll in a K-12 Program Today!

K-12 Programs in Fort Worth, TX

Executive Functioning

Math Around the Corner’s Executive Functioning program helps students hone their executive functioning skills. These skills are the building blocks that help plan, organize, start tasks, and problem-solve through challenges. During Executive Functioning sessions, we enable students to use these skills, empower learners to make better choices, and encourage students to take control of their learning. MAC’s Executive Functioning program includes:

  • Understanding your student’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Discovering your student's organization style
  • Equipping your student to plan for long-term assignments
  • Preparing your student to problem-solve through challenges
  • Developing your student’s critical thinking skills

MAC's Executive Functioning program is tailored to each student's individual needs. If your student is struggling with time management, effectively learning in the classroom, or other similar concerns, MAC’s Executive Functioning program can help your student find a path to academic success.

Memory Lab

Math Around the Corner’s Memory Lab program is based on the theory that memory is a trained ability. Memory is the art of paying attention long enough for the brain to take in and store information. Memory Lab strengthens working memory, visual and auditory skills, and addresses focus issues.

Students enrolled in MAC’s Memory Lab meet weekly with a trained tutor. During lab sessions, students drill different aspects of memory: figural (figures), symbolic (numbers and letters), and semantic memory (whole language and words). Students will also complete activities that increase their ability to sustain focus in order to take in detailed information.


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Entrance Exam and Essay Prep

Math Around the Corner offers prep sessions for students that will take the ISEE, TSI, or other entrance exams. These exams are used by many private schools to determine a student’s eligibility for admission. MAC’s program supports your student’s preparation by working through practice tests, reinforcing concepts included in the test content, and easing test anxiety.

Additionally, essays are required by many private school applications. MAC’s experienced tutors can help guide your student through these assigned essays and ensure your student’s personality and achievements are displayed for admissions committees.

SOI Abilities Test

Math Around the Corner is excited to provide the SOI abilities test to students. The test, created by SOI systems, assesses the learning abilities and potential of students of all ages. The test digs deep into comprehension, problem-solving, memory, and evaluation to provide insight for educators throughout a students learning career. Our practitioners are highly knowledgeable and excited to assist you with further information.

Sensory Integration Lab

Does your student have

  • General Academic Issues
  • Lack of Memory Skills
  • Low Math Skills
  • Poor Reading Comprehension
  • Anxiety over School or Work
  • Poor Handwriting
  • Difficulty Following Instructions
  • Inability to Focus
  • General Behavioral Issues
  • Social Issues
  • Sensory Integration Problems
  • Poor Posture
  • Difficulty Sitting Still

Math Around the Corner's highly qualified SOI practitioners would love to work with your student to enhance their learning abilities with a proven three step program. With an SOI abilities test, your student's learning ability will be analyzed and they will be trained to overcome and beat difficulties in the classroom for a more confident learning experience.

Registering for a MAC Program

To register your student for a Math Around the Corner program, please complete our New Student Enrollment Form or contact us at 817-720-6284. If you have questions about any MAC programs, please call or text us at the same number. We look forward to working with your student in a program tailored to their needs.

Enroll in a K-12 Program Today!
Enroll in a K-12 Program Today!